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 Colloid Cyst:


  • Colloid cysts are non-neoplastic intracranial cysts and really not a classical brain “tumor”.
  • Mean age of patients presenting with colloid cyst is 20 to 40 years with no sex predominance.
  • They are usually found at the foramen of Monro, in the anterior roof of the third ventricle.
  • This cyst is filled with a gelatinous, viscous material.
  • The colloid cyst usually becomes symptomatic in adults when it obstructs, the foramina of Monro and results in hydrocephalus. Rare but well-documented cases have been associated with severe headache followed by sudden death
  • Macroscopically, the smooth wall of the lesion is filled with a viscous fluid that can result in a severe ventriculitis if spilled. The lesion grows slowly, and malignant change has not been reported.












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